Being born with a natural sweet tooth is just as much a gift as it can be a curse. You tend to seek out sugar, butter, and carbs more than the average human might, and you can't help but follow your nose toward the comforting scent of freshly baked bread. Sure, maybe you pack on a few extra pounds here and there...maybe you gain five simply by eyeballing a warm cinnamon roll through the pastry case at the bakery down the street. But you also tend to find happiness in the small things (like donut holes), and you typically live a happy, gluten-filled life.

I, McKenzie Skye, believe I was born with this gift, passed down to me and my siblings from our dad who was the type to be found delighting in dessert before dinner whenever the option presented itself. Baked treats have always held a special place in mine and my family's hearts as sources of comfort, warmth, tradition, and memories of dad. After dropping those extra pounds gained over several cinnamon roll-filled Christmas mornings, I developed a new appreciation for food and sweets, realizing how creating baked goods by hand and buying locally can lead to a healthier lifestyle, and how the act of indulging every once in a while can add so much sweetness to life.
After two years of college and a few more years of stress wondering what I would truly enjoy as a career, I moved to California and finally found the courage to pursue my lifelong desire to be a baker. It was in Cali that I began my self-taught journey, surrounded by sun, sand, and the most incredible group of friends. After several collapsed cakes, hundreds of over-baked cookies, and a journey back to the east coast, I am finally ready to share my passion with the public in a community I love, with help and support from my family and fellow Mainers. There's nothing like having the ability to make someone smile simply by handing them a warm chocolate chip cookie. Bespoke, quality delights to make beautiful family memories and traditions even sweeter!

will do anything for a cinnamon roll or warm chocolate chip cookie.

Hi! I'm McKenzie (Skye)

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